OIP 15: Karma Bond Proposal 2

Dear Omm community, following on from our previous post (OIP 11 Report: First iteration of 3 OMM Bonds) and working with the Omm early contributors as well as community, we’d like to make a governance proposal to continue with the launch of 3 OMM Bonds via Karma Bond for the Omm protocol:




Each bond will have following configurations:

$20,000 worth of OMM tokens to be paid out - with OMM/sICX exception $30,000 (totalling in $70,000) which on the day of the proposal results in 2,150,537 OMM per bond (3,225,806 OMM/sICX), taking 0,0093 USD market price (09.12.2022) in to consideration

Capped with a maximum bond discount of 10%

7-day vesting period

Max amount of OMM sold to user per bonding action will be ~$500 worth of OMM which results in 53,763 OMM, taking 0,0093 USD market price (09.12.2022) in to consideration

Sensitivity set in a way to keep discount floating around 0% if $1000 ($1500 OMM/sICX) is bonded per day

2,150,537 (3,225,806 OMM/sICX) OMM tokens will be transferred to the each of the following custom treasuries created for OMM bonds:

OMM/sICX: cxd13a2686804910374e3bac15cfc7277a0eba0840

OMM/USDS: cx817992d73ba24cb22f7a1d8702dc033322b8bfe9

OMM/IUSDC: cx2a3dbe2fe8616a3fa1805e0c942e50a4b2703558

Target date is 14.12.2022 if the proposal is approved.

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