OIP 5: Protocol Fee for Protocol Owned Liquidity

As discussed here, I would like to propose using the following protocol fee:
160,857 IUSDC, 207,679 USDS, and 31,286 sICX (ICON Tracker) for the protocol owned liquidity.

As of now, sICX is approximately $1.22, so the above protocol fee is equivalent to $406,705. I would also like to propose using the same $ amount of OMM tokens (3.7M OMM tokens based off of $0.11) from the DAO fund, which has more than 25M OMM tokens at the moment.

As a result, the protocol owned liquidity will be adding $813,410 of liquidity and stake them, resulting in 40% boost of current $2M liquidity.

Ask: 160,857 IUSDC, 207,679 USDS, 31,286 sICX from the protocol fee and 3.7M OMM from the DAO fund
Result: $813,410 additional protocol owned liquidity


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