OIP 18: Omm 2.0 - Merging with sICX Team & Transition into Liquid Staking Derivative

Proposal discussion

Omm will transition into Liquid Staking protocol for the ICON ecosystem by merging with sICX team.

Details of the new protocol design is shared below:

  • The default delegation preference of sICX will be based on bOMM weight across validators
    • sICX holders will be able to override the default preference and choose their own preferred validators
  • 10% of sICX staking yield will be charged as fee (Lido example )
    • 10% of the fees will go to the sICX team wallet
    • 50% of the fees will go to the DAO fund
      • 50% of the DAO fund will go to a wallet for a group of individuals and organizations who supported the recovery process
    • 40% of the fees will go to bOMM delegated validators based on their bOMM delegation
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