Monks academy discussion topics

Hi all ,

Hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe.

Curious to get some thoughts from the community on what discussion topics you would like to see on the monks academy.
Our focus is to continue to bring information covering defi topics/dapps to the omm community, so if there is anything you think would be useful for the community , would love to hear from you.


Crazy market these days! Hope everyone is staying safe indeed!

Nothing major springs to mind but perhaps one topic could be to discuss strategies for volatile market conditions such as we’ve seen over the last week or so. I’ve seen users enquire about low risk strategies. Hopefully we’re not entering into a long term bear market but if we are it could be interesting to discuss ways users could still make profit using Omm.

For example, a user could supply the likes of USDS or iUSDC and borrow the same asset. Both supplying and borrowing are giving a yield right now. An end user could take advantage of this and if they see that the APR for borrowing suddenly went negative they could adjust their position as needed. This would be considered a very low risk strategy which could offer significant yield during times of market uncertainty.

Just an idea for discussion but hopefully we get a few more ideas posted!


Defi in volatile market conditions it is then for next week.
Will focus on how to formulate some strategies based on risk appetite , time one will be able to allocate to actively manage the strategy and a few other factors. Also ofcourse how to mitigate the risks involved in a volatile market .

Really appreciate the feedback thank you Alan.

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Sounds great, cheers Arosh! Definitely plenty to discuss :slight_smile:

Great to have monks sessions starting again!

  1. Going over recent proposals that went through/plan to go may be a good idea. January roadmap update had some good updates on previous proposals such as OIP 4, 5, 6, 7, so that may be a good place to start.

  2. Collaboration with Karma would be an interesting one

  3. Would also love to learn more the latest updates on monks DAO fund