Airdrip distribution to OMM stakers

Hello, I would like to bring the following topic for discussion and consideration.
Gangstabet as well as IAM, provide incentives to those that vote for their p-reps via OMM.
I would like to propose that OMM extends this and will allow OMM stakers to receive the proportional amount for the upcoming Fin (optimus) airdrip. I think it will provide a great incentive to stake OMM. Especially since currently having OMM leverage your position on ICX.
Please share your opinion and what’s needed to be done.
Thank you

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Hello Shmoo,

This is a great idea. It seems like P-reps are starting to notice the value of OMM tokens and utilizing them to their advantage, which is great! Early contributors have noticed this trend and are in discussions to figure out how this data (OMM staking data) can become more readily available to third parties.

However, in Optimus’ case, they would need to reward OMM stakers, who are voting for their P-rep as mentioned here (Airdrop & Airdrip - Optimus). It would also be great to mention this proposal in their Moim as well

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Hi oDK. Thanks for your response. I already mentioned this proposal in the Optimus chat and am discussing it. I would love to get all the help that I can. I am working and afraid that I won’t be able to answer or participate for a good part of the day.
This will add great value to all OMM stakers

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I guess this depends on Optimus… Personally like the idea, and would happily back it if you do bring this up in the moim forum.

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I already copy pasted my msg to the Optimus chat. If you guys can help in any way, or support this in the optimus chat, it might go a long way. The support of the team is always appreciated and goes a long way.
So please, drop by and leave a comment. Here is the link to the chat. oDK also shared it.

Hey guys, love a good incentive mechanism!

Important to distinguish two different categories of $OMM staking benefits:

  1. Staking + Voting for a certain P-rep → receiving 40% $OMM staking rewards + additional benefits straight from that P-rep
  2. Staking + Voting for whoever → Just receiving 40% $OMM staking rewards

Optimus DeFi is NOT a P-rep. This means that the additional rewards that Schmoo is referring to should come from the Optimus AirDRIP that will be claimable every week by the Omm Platform (with the wallet address in which all the sICX is held)

With this proposal, the second category from above is applied. Meaning that additional $FIN rewards would be distributed across anyone who stakes $OMM, regardless of who they are voting for.
The work to make this possible would fall entirely on Omm Platform development team.

Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Regards, David

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That was my initial thoughts and that’s why I raised the issue in OMM. I assumed that OMM will collect the drip and distribute it to OMM stakers. But the OMM team sent me to Optimus to ask them.
I agree with what you are writing (though Optimus is an app developed by a p-rep). The only question is who will make the effort to make it happen. The examples that I gave, about p-reps rewarding OMM stakers, was just for the sake of showing that it’s possible. All the data is present. All you need is the will to reward someone. I hope that either OMM or Optimus will take up the glove and help the stakers. I do think it’s more important for OMM to do so, then for Optimus.
Basically. If you snapshot the total wallets that stake, the total amount staked and the ICX value of it. You can set aside/or claim if you are OMM, all the drip. Then you can distribute it. All you need is the will to do so. Since transactions will cost fees, someone needs to account for it.

Just a quick update. The optimus team replied and this is the answer:
@The Shmoo thanks for your idea, from the development side we would confirm that this is not a high priority for now.
We’ll consider about that but the decision won’t be made early FYI.